Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Trip Back Home

Trip back to Canada was interesting.

First, my flight from Dusseldorf to Toronto on Lufthansa was over book and I was on Stand By. Maybe it was a sign for me to stay in Germany longer, who knows.  But, after people started to load the plane, they find a seat for me. Lucky or Lufthansa’s fault?

So the flight was good, watch four movies and had a good lunch and snacks, plus wine with my meal.  All for free!

My flight was a little delayed, got to Toronto about a hour later than planned.

Off the plane, hit customs (long line), pick up my luggage and check my luggage. Next go through security again and find my gate, where the flight will be. This leaving me about ½ hour before boarding my next flight.  I was thinking what I was going to do with my three hour layover, but I guess I did not have to worry about it.

From Toronto to Edmonton, the flight was good.  I tried to sleep, but for some reason I could not.  I watch two movies.

Landed in Edmonton and my parents were waiting for me.  My mother started to cry when she say me.  And of course, my luggage was one of the last pieces off the plane.

Head home and sleep, by the time I headed home and hit the bed; it was 6:00 in the morning Germany time.  Meaning I was awake for almost 24 hours.  LONG DAY!

Ohhh Ahhh Moment

On my travels in Koln, I came across something interesting. I was walking across the Hohenzoller Bridge in Koln and saw thousands of padlocks all over the bridge’s fence.

Ok um what the idea of the locks?  Looking closer I saw names and dates on the locks.

I did a little research and found the following:

"Apparently this custom in Cologne started in 2008. It was an amazing sight. Padlocks of all colors, shapes and sizes were all over the fence.This custom was believed to have begun in China. Couples would secure their padlock and throw away its keys to symbolize locking their souls together. These love locks can now be found all over the world – Ukrain, Guam and Russia just to name a few. Their beliefs about the locks may vary per city but one thing is still true- all is done for love. And as a true romantic, it was wonderful and inspiring to be surrounded by that much love – even if it was just through symbols." ~  http://bentroad.wordpress.com/2011/02/17/the-story-of-the-love-padlocks/

So, we I get married (whenever that may be) I will be dragging him with me to Koln and putting our lock on the bridge.  Romantic.

Koln Part Two

Today I decided to hope on the train and go exploring.  While I ended up in Koln.

First I went on a City Tour that took me all over the city. 

Highlights -
Koln's Arean, where the Koln's Hockey Team the Sharks play
Interesting Structures
And the Chocolate Museum

After the tour, I had to go to the Chocolate Museum, who wouldn't?

I swear my mouth water the whole time I was there.  First part talked about the history of Chocolate, which was interesting.  Then came the manufacturing of Chocolate and you could watch the process behind glass, plus there were samples!

After the museum, I took a nice walk along the Rhine River, and it was beautiful day for walking.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Off to Oberhausen, to the Gasometer, which is an old factory turned into a museum.  The exhibit right now is called Magic Places.

Magic Places is photos around the worlds showing the natural beauty of the world and the wonders of the world – like Cathedrals, Egypt, Great Wall of China etc. Amazing!

Right in the middle of the exhibit, there is a giant tree – fake – but shows the natural beauty of the world.

One can talk a lift to the top and view the city.

For lunch/dinner we had chicken and rice and played two games of dominoes.  We had a double feature night – Date Night and No Strings Attached.  


The plan, head to a city in Netherlands, where we going shopping (were five girls, we like to shop), and in the afternoon hit the beach, and swim in the ocean.

We leave, it looks like a beautiful day, the weather guy says up to 30 °C and all is good in the world.

We play good music and sing all the way.  We hit the Netherlands border and it starts to lightly rain.  No problem looks like it’s going to blow over, plus we will not hit the beach till the afternoon.  As we drive, it rains harder and harder, and the clouds get darker and darker.  There is no end in sight and it’s not going to clear anytime soon.  We pull into a McDonalds and make the decision; the plan is not going to work.  We get ice cream from McDonalds and we head home.

We have a nice day at home, by playing dominoes, and having fish for dinner. We will see if we can try another day. 

I guess German Weather Men are as good as the Canadian ones.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Off to the Roman Museum in Xanten .  In 2 AC, the Romans controlled this area, and had a city called Colonia Ulpia Traiana.  Today, many of its remnants are hidden only a few centimetres below the grass.

One can walk the grounds, where the city once stood and see the ruins of buildings or the reconstruction of many buildings. Plus there is an outdoor theatre, where they show plays during the summer.  I will see if I can transfer from Maclab to this theatre for a year.

There is a Rome Museum, on site where you can learn more about the Roman way of life and its occupation over this area.  This museum is very hands on and geared to all ages.  Once again I can a hand held guide to guide me through this museum. 

After the museum , off to the Eis Parlour to a snack.  I ordered a small sundae, I hate have seen a regular sundae – oh my. Why don’t we have ice cream parlours in Canada, like Germany does?

We visit St.Victor’s Cathedral, where I was left speechless.  The citizens started building in 1263. 1263 !  I love history. 

For dinner, we had Homemade Pizza and played dominoes. I won one game and lost the other game so badly.     


This morning we watched the movie “Morning Glory” (In English – German Subtitles) with Harrison Ford. 

For lunch we had cake from a local bakery.  Has anyone have any ideas on how I can bring home these baked goods?  Yes there are Bakeries in Canada, but the German ones seem so much better. 

After lunch, we head to Bochum to the Planetarium, to watch a film on the stars and planets.  The film was put to music, and one traveled around the universe, listening to music.  Nice way to spend the afternoon.

Back home, we played two games of dominoes, which I both won.  For supper we had curry, chicken, and fruit over rice. I have an excellent cook here!!

After supper, we watched another movie “Easy A”, in English with German Subtitles. 

Snack and nightcap and off to bed.