Thursday, 25 August 2011


The plan, head to a city in Netherlands, where we going shopping (were five girls, we like to shop), and in the afternoon hit the beach, and swim in the ocean.

We leave, it looks like a beautiful day, the weather guy says up to 30 °C and all is good in the world.

We play good music and sing all the way.  We hit the Netherlands border and it starts to lightly rain.  No problem looks like it’s going to blow over, plus we will not hit the beach till the afternoon.  As we drive, it rains harder and harder, and the clouds get darker and darker.  There is no end in sight and it’s not going to clear anytime soon.  We pull into a McDonalds and make the decision; the plan is not going to work.  We get ice cream from McDonalds and we head home.

We have a nice day at home, by playing dominoes, and having fish for dinner. We will see if we can try another day. 

I guess German Weather Men are as good as the Canadian ones.

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