Thursday, 18 August 2011


Today I explored the town.  I went downtown and check out the shops, which there were not many, but checked out their supermarkets.  I was looking what products they have and what were the same or different, I look on the other side, and their supermarkets sell alcohol - a nice selection.  This is nice, instead of making two stops – one for your groceries and one for drinks – in Germany one only has to make one stop.  

Is so green, there are so many little parks or nice walkways one can walk or bike.  Germany has lots of bike lanes for convenience.  Most people I see riding bikes are seniors, without helmets.  Some go a nice steady pace, while a few are zooming down the road like death is right behind them.  I wonder if there are many bike accidents.  I have not seen a single person riding a bike wearing a helmet.  

I found where the train station is – this information can be dangerous.

My grandparents are so worried I am going to get lost or kidnapped; they keep saying your parents would not like this.  My parents know I can look after myself, and I have better sense of direction than my mother does. In two days they be gone on their bus tour and me and the cousins will go off.   They have everything planned out on what we are going to do while my grandparents and their parents are gone.  I know some of the plans, but I guess I go with the flow.  I will not complain – I look forward to seeing new things every day.  I know one day we will head to the Netherlands and do something.

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