Sunday, 14 August 2011

Chicago O’Hara Airport

The flight to Chicago was uneventful, mainly because I slept most of the way.  I woke up just in time to feel the turbulence – shake and rattle.

Arrived 10:30 am Chicago time.

My neck a little sore from sleeping weird – Heather can you come to Chicago and give me a quick neck massage, it would be wonderful. They should have it as a service here, they would make a killing.

 Breakfast/Lunch was an Italian Sausage Flatbread Pizza from La Tapenade – Mediterranean Cafe.  It was delicious.

How many Starbucks does this place have?  I have seen four already and I have not seen the whole airport yet.  Do you think they have a Tim Hortens around here?

Well, I guess I will go exploring, since my flight does not leave till 4:30pm. Wish me luck!

P.S. This place is huge.

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