Monday, 15 August 2011

50th Anniversary


I know 50 years of being married to the same person is a big deal, but compare to Germany, we Canadians are dropping the ball.

One night all the neighbors got together and decorated the front entrance with a giant wreath with gold roses and ribbons.  After the couple comes out of the house and offers everyone a drink, then the neighbors sing, another round of drinks, sing again, more drinks, and then we eat. 

This is the night I bonded with the family (the daughters and granddaughters).  They started to play music, German music, so I am not paying much attention.  Then I hear something different, I thought I must be hearing it wrong, no Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing.  I start singing along, and so do all the relatives.  It's one of their favs. Who knew?  The rest of the night we listen to the classics and dance - Good times

Next day is the big party - over 120 in attendance.  The hall is so beautiful! Check out my pictures from that night.  THE FOOD - I have never seen that much food.  If I had only taken a little of everything, I would had to make three trips back to try everything. 

After, various people did skits and songs, most not related to 50th, but good all the same.  There is one I took notes and will perform when I get back to Canada. 

For the first half of the night, it's German music, than the daughters ask the DJ to play the good stuff, which means Canadian & American Music.  Here I am in Germany dancing to Kate Perry - Califorina Girls, thinking does any else know what she saying or are they just dancing.........

Fun Fun Fun night

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