Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Lazy Day

Today is lazy day, where we rest and do laundry. 

At noon, we head to a local Flea Market – Giant Garage Sale.  Some stuff people try to sell are pure junk and who in their right mind will but that stuff, but who knows maybe there are people out there who will buy that stuff.  I’m sorry; I will not buy bras or underwear from a flea market. There was good stuff too.  One guy was selling used CD’s for 3 Euros, and he had a good collection of American Music, I picked up a few CD’s from him.  I have played them all and they all are in good working condition.   

For dinner, we had a BBQ, where I was told I do not eat enough.  I do not eat enough, does it look like I do not eat enough.  For dinner I had a chicken breast, a piece of a pork chop, some fish, a whole sausage, cooked vegetables, a salad and 1 ½ rolls and that’s a small meal. The rest of my Germany family had double or triple what I had.  How can they eat all that and stay skinny?  My new goal, find out this secret.

After dinner, we head to Duisburg to see the lights.  It’s an old Steel Industrial Park that was closed down years ago, but at night they light of the park with various lights and you can climb to the top of buildings.  I was impressed I climb to the top of one of the buildings, only 239 stairs to the top and 239 stairs to the bottom.  There is always a bar and food stands, surrounded by sand for visitors.  In addition, they play an outdoor movie every weekend during the summer.  They had a good selection of movies they were playing all summer (Harry Potter, Thor, Hangover 2, True Grit, Zookeeper, etc) but they were all were in German. 

We came home for a snack and a nightcap, and once again talked about Germany vs. Canada.

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