Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This morning we watched the movie “Morning Glory” (In English – German Subtitles) with Harrison Ford. 

For lunch we had cake from a local bakery.  Has anyone have any ideas on how I can bring home these baked goods?  Yes there are Bakeries in Canada, but the German ones seem so much better. 

After lunch, we head to Bochum to the Planetarium, to watch a film on the stars and planets.  The film was put to music, and one traveled around the universe, listening to music.  Nice way to spend the afternoon.

Back home, we played two games of dominoes, which I both won.  For supper we had curry, chicken, and fruit over rice. I have an excellent cook here!!

After supper, we watched another movie “Easy A”, in English with German Subtitles. 

Snack and nightcap and off to bed. 

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