Thursday, 18 August 2011


I did something today and not sure if my parents are going to like it.....

Today, I went to Dusseldorf by myself, that’s right myself.

I took the train to Dusseldorf, only took an hour.  The train system here is really nice and fast.

Once in Dusseldorf, I took a guided bus tour of Dusseldorf and learn about the history and the twisted tower.  Rhine Tower – which was part of the tour – gave us a great view of the city and the Rhine River.  The tour was done in German, but they provided headphones to hear the tour in English.  The only problem is that English version was not always on time – look on your left to see this building and I see a park instead or look at this building and we passed it already.  For the most part was on time and learned lots.

After the tour, I took off on foot and took in the sights and sounds.

First, I cannot believe there are not more accidents here, or anyone here knows to look around and be aware of their surroundings. I was walking along, and this women stops right in front of me.  I thought why who stopped suddenly in front of me; I could have walked right into you.  She stopped, because I train was going by.  I looked around, there are no gates or rails that come down, and everything is wide open.  If one listens, the train does ring a bell to warn one.  In addition, what I sometimes thought was sidewalks were roads and what I sometimes thought was roads were sidewalks.  But drivers here are more aware of their surrounding and people, and look around when driving or turning.  Alberta Drivers need to take a few notes on this.     

I visited the St. John’s Church, St. Maximilian Church, and St. Andreas Church.  They are so beautiful. At St. Andreas Church someone was playing the organ while I was there, and I just sat and listen to the lovely music.

There is tons of shopping, they have many American stores, and they have a Tiffany’s and a Prada. And the cafes and bakeries - so many little cafes with tables out front and bakeries with fresh baking.  One’s mouth could water all day 

I must look friendly or something, because people were stopping me and asking questions.  I have to tell them me don’t speak German, can’t help.  I must have one of those faces.

Speaking of which, I am know in the neighbourhood as The Canadian.  Yesterday, when I left the house to go for a walk, the neighbours saw me and pointed at me and said – German Words, German Words, The Canadian, German Words, German Words.  Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, guess we will see.

Did you know Public Washroom in Germany are not free?  I had to pay One Euro to use the Ladies Restroom.  Really!  Tourist Industry not making you enough money, you have to charge to use the restroom. Hmmm.

Also, one can drink on train.  I guess no matter where you go, there is always that one obnoxious guy on the train/bus.  He had his beer and was singing away, and tries to flirt with the ladies.  This was not a young guy either; no I would say 50, maybe 60’s.    

You can tell I made it home safely and off on another adventure tomorrow.  BYE!

View From Rhine Tower

St. John's Church

Rhine Tower

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