Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Off to the Roman Museum in Xanten .  In 2 AC, the Romans controlled this area, and had a city called Colonia Ulpia Traiana.  Today, many of its remnants are hidden only a few centimetres below the grass.

One can walk the grounds, where the city once stood and see the ruins of buildings or the reconstruction of many buildings. Plus there is an outdoor theatre, where they show plays during the summer.  I will see if I can transfer from Maclab to this theatre for a year.

There is a Rome Museum, on site where you can learn more about the Roman way of life and its occupation over this area.  This museum is very hands on and geared to all ages.  Once again I can a hand held guide to guide me through this museum. 

After the museum , off to the Eis Parlour to a snack.  I ordered a small sundae, I hate have seen a regular sundae – oh my. Why don’t we have ice cream parlours in Canada, like Germany does?

We visit St.Victor’s Cathedral, where I was left speechless.  The citizens started building in 1263. 1263 !  I love history. 

For dinner, we had Homemade Pizza and played dominoes. I won one game and lost the other game so badly.     

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