Saturday, 20 August 2011


Off to Ruhr – to visit the mining town, but now a museum and old equipment.

This place is enormous; it would take one, three or four days to see all the grounds. 

 The museum is on three floors, one floor focuses on the present day Ruhr, one floor on History of Germany and the last floor focuses on Ruhr History.  It was fascinating, but overwhelming with information.  I had an English Headset, since most of the exhibit was in German. One of my favourite parts what reading the stories of people living in Ruhr during the 20th Century. 

We had our packed lunch at the car and since it was a beautiful day, why be inside.  We drove to a lake and walked around the lake for a bit and had Esi.  I saw a German Duck – looked like a Canadian Duck, but it qüacked instead quacked  

We had a good storm hit us here, but to me this was a normal Alberta Lighting and Thunder Storm, for everyone else it was big and scary.  This town is not used to this much rain, because the streets started to flood. 

For supper we had Turkish food, and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with German subtitles.  Good way to learn German, watch the movie and read the subtitles.  Let’s do the Time Wrap Again.

Tomorrow the Castle – maybe a Duke?

Side note – watching 2 ½ Men and The Simpsons in German can be quite funny. 

One of many stories of Ruhr

German Duck

Ruhr Musuem

Nice Lake

Artifact from Rhur Musuem

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