Saturday, 20 August 2011


Today, we went Anholt Castle, home of Prince Carl Philip – while one of Prince Carl Philip’s homes. 

The castle was first built in the 12th Century, and continued to expand from there.  The history of this place is unreal, I was in History Heaven, although the plug-ins, modern lighting and phones did remind you in your in the 21st Century.  We went on a tour of the Castle and walked the grounds.  

My favourite room was the Reception Room.  It was a beautiful room, with huge tapestries on the wall, and decorated ceilings.  In the middle of the room, was a bed.  Where the Prince at the time would stay in bed and people came to him, to get to sign documents or discuss matters with him.  Where did this tradition go?  I stay in bed; you come to me, sounds good to me.  But, the only down side is the family thought if you lay down on the bed, death will find you, so you had to sleep sitting up, to keep death away.  Superstitions.

The second floor was the Family’s Art Collections, the collection dates back to 1645.  The Third floor is where the Prince stays when he is in town and it off limits to the public.  One has to wonder if they put a flat screen TV up there or is everything the way it should be? 

During World War II, 70% of the Castle was destroyed, but Prince Carl Philip’s Father made it his goal to restore the castle, and his son continues the preservation of the Castle.

On the grounds, there was a small maze, one can go through.  Five minutes and you’re out. But, there was a nice lake, flowers, roses and statutes in the grounds too. 

After the Castle, we headed to the Netherlands.  I expected a border like between Canada and US.  No, if it was not for a sign saying Welcome to Netherlands, I would not have known we crossed the border. 

In Netherlands, we head to a famous Farmer’s Market, where we had fish for lunch, and did some shopping.  Plus, we had to have Esi before leaving.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can bring back some of this fresh baking I am having or seeing. I am going to miss this when I get back to Canada. 

We played a couple of games of Dominions when we get back to the house, and then we had Chinese Food for dinner.  After dinner, we talked about Germany and Canada, what is the same what is different, and no life is nothing like Desperate Housewives.  TV, oh!

Tomorrow is Lazy Day, where we take it easy.        

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