Sunday, 14 August 2011

Edmonton International Airport

It is interesting that even through I booked my flight through Air Canada, I do not fly on any Air Canada Airplanes.

I will be flying United Express from Edmonton to Chicago, than Chicago to Dusseldorf on Lufthansa.  I should be in Germany by 7:30 tomorrow morning.

Going to through Customs is always fun.  You feel nervous, even though you know you have done nothing wrong. The guy at Customs speaks better German than I do. 

My biggest fear in flying over the ocean.  I know there are hundreds of planes that fly over the ocean over day, but being over water for a long period of time freaks me out.  I think I will try sleep.

Sitting here gives me a chance to people watch, and watch the bird. Yes, a sparrow is inside the Edmonton International Airport hopping around.  I seem to be the only one to notice him.  Wonder how long before someone find's him.

Gotta run they are calling my flight!

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